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Generate unlimited random names, with many options.

This is the ultimate software tool for generating random male and female first names and surnames.

Generate any number of random names.

With options for male, female, first and last names, this tool will suit the needs of anyone enthusiastic about generating random names.

Export to text (.txt) or excel (.csv) files.

This random name generator software also lets you generate random ages in association with the names.

Command Line Functionality

Are you an advanced user looking to integrate additional functionality into your application or project?

This tool includes command line functionality for seamless integration into your projects.

By passing parameters to the binary it will return random names, and exactly the sort that you are looking for. Parameter details are provided in the download.

Names can also be directly written to a file.

In the event that you would like to distribute this functionality with your applications, we offer cheap and effective licenses for redistributing these files.

An example in Windows Command Prompt:

Bulk Random Name Generator

Released in 2016

USD $4.00
For Windows (0.58 MB)

Demo has limited functionality.

Redistribution License

File: namegenerator.exe

Order Redistribution License


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